Japan has so many Virtual YouTubers now that there are too many to even count. However, there’s one Japanese icon that’s trying her hand out at becoming one. That’s right folks, the legend has finally gotten her own YouTube Channel, which is aptly called the “Hello Kitty Channel”

The iconic Sanrio mascot kicked off her Virtual YouTube career last 30th August, and will be posting more videos as the days go by. And because of her global popularity, her videos will also have English subtitles, along with the Japanese audio of course!

As for her next episode, it will come out by 4th September as she tries to have a Rakugo-style episode. She’ll also be talking about her participation in the “Nanba Takoyaki Angel” advertising campaign as well.

So far, many Virtual YouTubers have made a name for themselves by themselves. However, Hello Kitty is much more different as she already has an established name. But then again, having her own VTuber show would also make sense as she has millions of fans around the world.