After an amazing sold-out concert in Indonesia, it’s now Singapore’s turn to experience the incomparable musical and technological marvel that is EGOIST Live in Singapore 2018!

WOW Japan is privileged to have EGOIST vocalist chelly answer a few questions for us ahead of their Singapore concert. Check out the interview below!

Congratulations on your current Asia tour! How do you feel about the next SEA location, Singapore?

It is surprisingly hot! LOL

Everyone is so passionate yet can live at ease, with full peace of mind.

What are you looking forward to here?

We have performed live several times in Singapore, yet everyone’s excitement does not waver at all, so I feel quite relieved. The food is also delicious!

Are there any specific genre of music that you want to try out?

There are still many kinds of musical genres we have not tackled, that I think are quite fresh, so I am willing to give all of them a go!

If you were not a musician, what kind of job would you have wanted?

I really haven’t given it much thought, but I have a feeling that I would be a normal working adult.

Lastly, please leave a message for your fans in Singapore

Thank you again for this time. Let’s enjoy the concert together till the end!

• Event Information

8 September 2018
Zepp@BIGBOX Singapore
Official Website
Tickets via APACTix