In what is turning out to be an annual occurence, another camcording incident has happened at the Malaysian screening of an animated feature film. This time, it was the “My Hero Academia” movie that had a scene photographed on a smart device, and then uploaded to social media by an abusive Malaysian “anime fan”. Film distributor Odex has decried the incident on their official Facebook account.

Film distributors in the South East Asian region have always been fighting an uphill battle against these supposed “anime fans”, who illicitly record footage at film screenings and upload it to social media to garner attention. Malaysian “fans” were also responsible for uploading illegally taken footage of the “Kuroko no Basuke” and “Sword Art Online” films.

A similar camcording incident for “Sword Art Online” occurred at the fans-only (!!!) screening in Singapore. Last but not least, Indonesia has undergone a partial ban on anime films when footage from the theatrical adaptation of “No Game, No Life” were uploaded by Indonesian theatre-goers online.