The Cells At Work TV anime may have ended (for now), but that doesn’t mean that lessons about the human body would end. In fact, the anime’s official website is releasing free downloadable content for educators and medical staff. These would in turn help these teachers and medical personnel teach people about the body in a fun and anime-inspired way!

The downloadable content would include informational packets about the body’s many cells, including Red and White Blood Cells and platelets. Of course, they also contain information about the various germs that constantly try to invade the body as well. However, these will just be for EDUCATIONAL purposes, and cannot (or should never) be used for commercial purposes.

Remember, the official website is offering these materials for free. So if you want to pass a biology test, or if you’re a teacher wanting to teach kids, or just wanna learn, why not give it a try?

Now, if we could only help the Red Blood Cell in not getting lost… again.

source: Comic Natalie