Yuji Shiozaki’s “Ikki Tousen” — whose last OAV “Ikki Tousen Extravaganza Epoch” was released in 2015, has announced that a completely new work is currently in production! Titled “Ikki Tousen Western Wolves“, it will be overseen by Takashi Watanabe and directed by Mitsutoshi Satou, with the series composition done by Masaya Honda. Hakufu Sonsaku will once again be played by Masumi Asano, while Musashi Shinmen will be played by Ami Koshimizu.

© Yuji Shiozaki / Shonen Gahousha / “Ikki Tousen” WW Partners

“Ikki Tousen” is loosely based on the classic Chinese war epic “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, and features many of the novel’s characters as schoolgirls from different academies battling each other for supremacy. Protagonist and second-year student Hakufu Sonsaku is not particularly strong nor intelligent as a fighter, however she is able to overcome the more powerful rivals of her school Nanyo Academy.