“The Last Shooting” is perhaps the most iconic pose in the entire Gundam franchise. This happened in the 1979 classic’s final episode, where it featured a headless RX-78-2 Gundam shooting Char’s Zeong. And now, it’s getting its own ukiyo-e woodblock art print that’s also inspired by a classic by legendary Ukiyo-e printer, houkusai.

The Dragon of Smoke Escaping From Mount Fuji print is the Houkusai work which inspired this new Gundam print. It’s one of the artist’s many works which many have thought has been destroyed during World War II.

Traditional craftsman Kazuo Watanabe carved the wood they used to print, while living treasure, Iwano Ichibee IX created the washi they used for the prints. And as expected, this Ukiyo-e art print ain’t cheap, as its price tag is worth 54,000 yen. Premium Bandai is now accepting pre-orders, but only until 18th November 2018.