When playing games, it can be tiring (and severely frustrating) to go through all those loot boxes. This is especially for mobile games as well, and one of the most notorious is Fate/Grand Order. Players have to literally tap the same spot with their fingers over and over again, and sometimes its frustrating. But one Japanese mobile gamer has found a solution in handling all that tapping… with the help of a piece of sausage.

The solution of the FGO player @hjk_iii is to attach a wiener of all things to an electric whisk. He then attached it to two cartons of juice and let the piece of sausage tap away. Well, that’s certainly one way of letting your arms and fingers rest for a while, huh?

@hjk_iii also wrapped his phone in thin plastic to help keep it clean from the piece of meat tapping it. However, he did admit that the process did damage the sausage. But then again, he might have had a great drop with all that tapping, at least once, right?

source: Sora News 24