Tsuburaya Productions — who owns the Ultraman “tokusatsu” series and several spin-offs, including this season’s hot property SSSS.GRIDMAN, has official stated via their company website FAQ that they do not allow doujinshi based on their works to be created and distributed at events and online.

Screenshot from the Tsuburaya Productions website © Tsuburaya Productions

Can I create illustrations, videos, books, replicas, etc. on my own based on Tsuburaya works and publish them on the internet, as doujinshi, at events, etc.?

Please be advised that unless the item has been licensed, it cannot be made available to the public.

This certainly puts a damper on fans’ enthusiasm, as major creative outlets such as Pixiv, Twitter, and other online portals have been inundated with illustrations of this season’s best girl: SSSS.GRIDMAN’s Rikka Takarada. Guess it’s time to hide the lewds ???