Dwango and Honda have launched a special new collaboration project with Hatsune Miku. It’s called “Let’s Drive with Miku!”, and it won’t just include the companies and the virtual idol, but also the talents of mangaka, musicians, cosplayers, and many more.

The collaboration will feature a mix of smartphones, automobiles, and of course, Miku! They will display the project during the TOKYO AUTO SALON 2019 event from 11-13 January 2019. It will feature a special Miku itasha featuring artworks by To Love-Ru mangaka Kentaro Yabuki. And not only that, but renowned cosplayer Enako will be making an appearance as part of the project as well. Dixie Flatline will also be providing some music, along with a new music video from MakinoSena.

All in all, the project will feature a custom Honda S660 with integrated support for the osoba smartphone app. The app is onlu abailable for iOS, but it provides interaction for fictional characters. This would then allow riders and drivers to interact with Miku as she provides information about the car. This would include mileage, fuel levels, and even reminders for oil changes.

Source: Comic Natalie