Zombie Land Sage is perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the season. Who knew that an anime about Zombie Idols trying to save Saga Prefecture would become such a hit, huh? The anime recently held a special program on Abema TV, and it featured some of the anime’s cast members. However, one scene caught the attention of many fans, and it involved Sakura’s seiyuu, Kaede Hondo, and Saki’s seiyuu, Asami Tano. In that moment, they recreated what is perhaps the anime’s most memorable scene… that Saki vs. Sakura rap battle!

The program was part of Abema TV’s Halloween special, and it was quite fitting as Zombies and Halloween go together nicely. It also got fans talking, as it showed that the two seiyuu can indeed rap!

Zombie Land Saga follows seven already-dead girls who get resurrected as zombies by a mad producer. Many of them are former idols, celebrities, and they even have an Edo-era hostess. Together, the producer forces them to become idols (while hiding the fact that they’re still zombies). And they’re doing all this to save Saga Prefecture!

source: @Swaps4