The Gokudolls are hitting the big screen for the first time, and it’s in live-action too! And now, this anticipated live-action adaptation has now released a new trailer. The staff also unveiled a new key visual featuring the Gokudolls before and after the sex change surgery…

Yeah, this might just be the manliest idol movie you’ve ever seen so far. As for the cast, it will star Jin Shirasu, Reiya Masaki, Masato Hanazawa, Natsumi Okamoto, Ruka Matsuda, Akane Sakanoue, Tetsuya Sugaya, Nana Asakawa, Hitoshi Ozawa, Dori Sakurada, Ren Osugi, and Kouichi Iwaki.

The film itself will premiere on 8th February 2019. Keinosuke Hara will be directing it, with Shouichirou Masumoto and Hidehiro Itou writing the scripts. They will base it on Jasmine Gyuh’s hit manga, Back Street Girls. It will follow three Yakuza men who their boss forces into sex-change surgery to become female idols.

source: Comic Natalie