Japan has had plenty of weird anime-related products. And now, they’ve come up with special calendars with 2D waifus which will talk to you. Japanese stationery company Gakken Sta:Ful has revealed two new 2019 calendars featuring anime-style girls. Each one is spiral-bound, and have 31-pages. However, what sets them apart is that they have pre-recorded lines from two famous seiyuu voicing each calendar’s respective characters.

Ayana Taketatsu voices the first character, Yukina Shirakawa (character design by NETARO). She has all the classic tsundere lines, and they picked one of the best tsundere seiyuu out there for her too!

Meanwhile, Aoi Yuuki voicing Riho Ichinose (character design by Shunsuke Taue). She’s a sweet little sister-type, and she’ll even call you onii-chan.

 Rakuten and Amazon Japan are now selling these calendars for around 2,916 yen each. These calendars also have an AR system, so they will be aware of each others presence. In other words, they might get jealous whenever they’re near each other.

source: Sora News 24