While filming a downhill scene in Yamanishi Prefecture for the live-action Yowamushi Pedal drama, actor Eiji Takigawa suffered serious injuries. In particular, he suffered spinal chord injury, forcing a helicopter to rush him to a hospital. However, over a year after the accident, Takigawa is making a comeback! In fact, he will be hosting something for parasports. It’s titled “PARASPORTS NEWS athlete pride”.

The actor says that he’s happy to return, and it’s quite fitting that he’s the one hosting such a program. It will talk about the latest happenings in Parasports, and it comes at a time when Japan is about to host the Summer Olympics. Of course, this would also include the Paralympics as well. It will premiere on 25 January 2019 via BS SKY PerfecTV.

According to reports, a helicopter rushed Takigawa to the hospital following a spill downhill. During filming, Takigawa suddenly collided with the left curb while trying to ride along the right curb. Despite the incident, Yowamushi Pedal 2 moved forward with its broadcast as planned.

source: Livedoor News