Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is hands down one of the best Spider-Man films ever, live-action or animated. It introduced us to many of Spideys many incarnations, and is a fun watch overall. However, there was one fan-favourite that was missing… Supaidaman! But don’t worry folks, because the film’s producer, Philip Lord, just promised that Tokusatsu Spider-Man will be appearing in the sequel. Unfortunately, there’s a catch, and the film must earn 200 million USD in the domestic box office for that sequel to happen.

As of New Year’s Day, 1st January, the Spider-Verse film has earned over US$114.3 million in the domestic box office. While it has surpassed that 200 million USD mark worldwide, it seems that it has to do better locally in the US.

The original Tokusatsu Spider-Man is unlike any incarnation of the beloved wallcrawler. Instead of a mild-mannered geek like Peter Parker, or a boy just trying to fit in like Miles Morales, Takuya Yamashiro is different. Not only does he have a giant robot named Leopardon, but he’s also a Motocross Racer! He’s also the vengeful kind, avenging his family against the deadly  Iron Cross Army. So yeah, he has a waaaaaaay different background than any of the other Spider-Men. He also has the Spider Machine GP-7 flying car and the Marveller spacecraft. And did we mention that he has a giant robot named Leopardon?

So, what do you guys think of Toku Spidey being in Spider-Verse?