Norimitsu Kaihou and Sadoru Chiba’s School-Live! (Gakkō Gurashi!) manga is getting a live-action film adaptation. And now, they revealed several new stills featuring actor Daichi Kaneko. He plays the “Senpai” whom Kurumi has a crush on. They also released several stills of the lead actresses as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Members of the idol group, Last Idol, make up the four main cast members. They include Nanami Abe (LaLuce) as Kurumi Ebisuzawa, Midori Nagatsuki (LaLuce, Chou Cream Rockets) as Yuuki Takeya, Wakana Majima (Someday Somewhere) as Yuuri Wakasa, and Rio Kiyohara (Someday Somewhere) as Miki Naoki.

Issei Shibata (Real Onigokko) will be directing the film. They originally scheduled it to premiere in autumn 2018. Unfortunately, it had a delay, and it will now premiere on 25 January 2019.

School Live received a 12-episode anime adaptation back in 2015. The anime garnered a strong following, as it played the psychological aspect of a zombie apocalypse well with moe characters. Heck, it even sparked a few memes thanks to its OP song.

Yeah, don’t let that OP fool you, the anime gets quite brutal as it makes it to the later episodes. Let’s just say it’s an anime where you shouldn’t get attached to any of the characters…

Source: Movie Natalie