It’s January, which means it’s most likely flu season again. And in Japan, there is an influenza outbreak, which has even affected the seiyuu industry. It seems that the outbreak has led many seiyuu to cancel events and appearances.

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! seiyuu Takuma Terashima is one of those affected, as Axl One talent agency announced that would not appear in a scheduled live broadcast due to influenza. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail seiyuu Wataru Hatano also says he has contracted the flu as well via twitter. This prompted his staff to postpone the 2-day release event for his second album, Futuristic. And then there’s also Junichi Suwabe, who had to cancel an appearance on a stage greeting for Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel II. lost butterfly. The culprit? You guessed it, influenza!

January hasn’t been a healthy month for many seiyuu in fact. Other seiyuu, including Rikako Aida and Yoshino Nanjou, and many more, have also cancelled appearances due to contracting the flu virus.

source: NHK World Japan