Shaft is undoubtedly one of the most popular anime studios out there today. With works like Monogatari, Madoka Magica, and Nisekoi, the studio has proven they can make great anime. Now, they’re teaming up with the city of Toshima in Tokyo for a special anime short. This is part of the city’s  new PR campaign called “Sacred Place for Anime: Ikebukuro”. It promotes Ikebukuro as one of the hottest anime spots in Japan.

While Akihabara has been more known to cater for a more male-oriented fandom, Ikebukuro has appealed more to women. And that may be why the anime short’s main character is an owl who transform into a young man. And yes, Shouta Aoi is voicing him, and his name is Fukurou. The story’s setting is in 2020, where Ikebukuro has undergone plenty of development. This includes the upcoming Hareza Ikebukuro building complex, which will open on that year.

Yukio Takatsu, who served as director for several Monogatari anime OPs, directed the CMs. Meanwhile, K-On!’s Reiko Yoshida wrote the story and script. And if the characters look familiar, it’s because Monogatari series’ character designer Akio Watanabe designed them. They even released a new Watanabe-designed key visual for the campaign as well:

Ikebukuro has plenty of huge anime hot spots from the gigantic Animate Ikebukuro to Pokemon Mega Center. It’s also known for Otome Road, which has the reputation for being the capital of Japan’s fujoshi subculture. In other words, if Akiba is the otaku capital, Ikebukuro is the Fujoshi capital.