Amazon Japan has now released the cover page for the upcoming April 2019 issue of Morning Two magazine. However, there is one huge piece of news that the cover is announcing, and that is the fact that the live-action adaptation of Hikaru Nakamura’s Saint Young Men is not getting one new season, but two! That’s right folks, they green-lit Season 2 and Season 3 for the live-action web series.

The “Saint Young Men” TV drama stars Kenichi Matsuyama (DEATHNOTE) as “Jesus Christ” and Shouta Sometani (STACY) as “Buddha”. The series is written and directed by Yuuichi Fukuda (GINTAMA 2) and produced by Takayuki Yamada (Yoshihiko The Hero), so expect some great laughs!

“Saint Young Men” centers on the ordinary daily lives of two extraordinary individuals: Jesus Christ and Buddha. The two holy young men move into a small apartment in the Tokyo suburb of Tachikawa, and attempt to understand modern humanity while hiding in plain sight. The series is renowned for its hilarious and lighthearted take on both Christianity and Buddhism, and even makes jokes about Jesus’ miracles and Buddha’s holiness.