After teaming up with job search engine, Indeed , last year for a live-action CM (yes, the one with an actual Reindeer as Chopper), One Piece has teamed with them once again for a second one. This time, the new commercial focuses on Zoro, who seems to be unemployed at the moment. In fact, he admits that he hasn’t been using his katana lately…

However, there is a bit of hope… sort of. The ad concluded by saying that there’s a job opening. Apparently, they’re looking for  a “person who is slashed by Zoro”. They also released an alternative version of the ad as well. However, this one is looking for something Usopp fans are all too familiar with… the position of “Gesoking”!

The ads star Takumi Saitoh as Luffy, while Hiroyuki Ikeuchi stars as Zoro. The other Straw Hats include Rika Izumi as Nami, Daigo (of comedy duo Chidori) as Usopp, and Yosuke Kubozuka as Sanji. However, many people are noticing the “actor” playing Chopper a lot more. I wonder why?

Source: Comic Natalie