Kemono Friends has given the wild cat species, the serval, a lot of attention. In fact, the species serves as the franchise’s poster animal… or Friend that is. The anime is really popular, and it has even touched the hearts of Chinese fans. And because of this, fans are speculating if the names of Shanghai Zoo’s three new baby servals are from the anime. This is because the zoo named the three kittens “Tata”, “Nono”, and “Xixi”. In other words, the trio make  “Tanoshii” if you combine a syllable of their names. This is of course, Serval’s catchphrase in Kemono Friends.

The zoo itself hasn’t acknowledged it, but Chinese and international fans can guess the reason for their names. As for the kittens themselves, fans are flocking them, and they seem to be a big hit. The zoo’s Weibo post says that they wish them to grow healthy.

Of course, servals are small and adorable, but remember that these are wild animals. They don’t exactly make good pets, as many former owners can attest to. In the mean time, we can only enjoy this adorable trio, who seem to get their naming inspiration from a certain anime…

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source: Chi2nese News