Baki has been killing it over at Netflix, and now, the franchise’s fighters have taken over Shinjuku Station! Several ads re-imagining Keisuke Itagaki’s Baki manga characters as sumo wrestlers in Ukiyo-e artworks is now on display inside the station. To be specific, it features a gigantic 30-metre long ad that will be at the station until 17th March.

Osaka tattoo artist Horihiro Mitomo drew the Ukiyo-e-style Baki artwork. It also features legendary sumo wrestlers such as Nomi no Sukune and Taima no Kehaya.

The new ad promotes the latest chapters and volumes of the Baki-Dou manga, where Baki faces off against Japan’s strongest “Sumo God”. As for the anime, you can now watch Baki, which is now streaming via Netflix.

source: Comic Natalie