I guess even Japanese trains can make a mistake once in a while!
According to the official Osaka Metro website, the English translated name for the Sakaisuji Metro line is…Sakai Muscle???

This is what seems to be a mistake most websites have when using machine translation. If you take the character Sakaisuji (堺筋) and split it into two, it would make sense to be Sakai Muscle. But unfortunately that’s not how translating names work! And it doesn’t end with just English but Chinese, Korean and even the Thai translations too!

Mind you, there’s already an existing Sakai Muscle, who’s actually a wrestler in Japan!

However, Sakaisuji wasn’t the only casualty in this situation. Along with Sakai muscle line, there was Tenga-chaya (天下茶屋)mistakenly translated to World Teahouse, Tenjinbashi-suji Rokucho-me(天神橋筋 六丁目)to Tenjin Bridge muscle 6-chome and San ryome (3両目)to Eyes 3.

And just for you chinese speaking readers, one of the misses on the Chinese page was when they translated the word Station Platform (駅のホーム), the platform was mistranslated to 家庭, as in the literally meaning of Home.

It’s embarrassing to see such simple mistakes when you use machine translation and it gets show online but hey, it really made my day. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll just listen to Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, so I hear my 上町娘 living in her 上町世界. Thanks to my friend who sent me that joke, because this has become my favorite meme of the week.

Source: Huffington Post JP