It looks like Production I.G is venturing more and more into live-action. The legendary animation studio has recently teamed up with Avex, along with renowned directors Mamoru Oshii and Katsuyuki Motohiro. Together, they formed Cinema Lab , a brand new live-action film label.

Cinema Lab’s concept is to “produce works from top creators”. These creators have released many masterpiece works, and of course, Oshii, being the director behind Ghost in the Shell, is one of them.

In addition, NHK BS1 will also broadcasr a TV special titled “Zettai Kantoku Shugi ~Cinema Lab Oshii Mamoru-tachi no Chousen“. It premieres on 30th March at 10pm JST, and will discuss more about the label. It will also look into the label’s first work, which Oshii himself is directing. The film is considered “low budget” and won’t star popular actors. Instead, it will feature talent they chose through auditions and trained in workshops.

source: NHK