Kokura Castle is one of Japan’s most beautiful and historic castles. Built in 1602, the Fukuoka landmark has seen plenty of Japan’s most important historical events. And now, Sword Art Online will be taking over the castle with a special collaboration! They even released a special visual for the team-up:

The visual features Asuna as Sasaki Kojirou, Kirito as Miyamoto Musashi, and Alice as Hosokawa Gracia. All three historical figures are tied to the castle’s deep history. They chose Kirito as Musashi because of his dual-wielding tendencies.

The collaboration celebrates the castle’s re-opening after some renovations. It will happen from 30th March until 6th May, and will have plenty of activities. These include a sakura-viewing with a stage show, a photo spot, and of course, a merchandise sale! There will also be official Sword Art Online cosplayers for the event as well.

source: Comic Natalie