Infamous ecchi anime Tsugumomo is planning to have an OVA. However, this OVA they’re planning is a lot more daring than the previous TV anime. They turned to crowdfunding for this new OVA with a goal of 3 million yen. And now, the franchise’s twitter page has revealed that they have crossed that mark in just 14 hours!

The campaign was so successful that the staff announced that they will be announcing a stretch goal soon. They will also announce new backing plans as well. The campaign will end on 26 April 2019.

They originally planned a 10-minute OVA that will feature “slightly ecchi episodes that can’t be broadcast on TV”. The staff plan to release in in 2020 and it would come bundled with a future volume of the manga’s Tankoubon release. Ryouichi Kuraya will return to direct this new OVA over at Zero-G. He will also be writing its storyline as well.

Tsugumomo follows Kazuya Kagami, a normal high school boy who keeps his mother’s treasured obi. However, it turns out that the obi is a tsukumogami which turns into a beautiful kimono-wearing girl named Kiriha.