Many of us enjoy reading Japanese manga or American comic-books, with many original worlds to dive into. One of the most popular genres amongst these media is probably the super-hero one. With the rise of Marvel Studios and their 10 year long Cinematic Universe, the Avengers really comes to mind when I think of it.

I’m sure many of us has seen the movies. And many of us really like these cool characters that came from these movies. One of the more outstanding characters in this Cinematic Universe is Iron Man. He flies around in his suit looking all cool and what-not. Have you ever wondered?

“Maybe I want to become Iron Man one day….”

Look no further. Here’s Iron Man VR, coming soon exclusively to Playstation VR.

The guys at Camouflaj, will be teaming up with SIE World Wide Studios to bring you this game. And the new Impulse Armor is designed by illustrator Adi Granov so it’s definitely one thing to look out for! Are you excited? This game will be released later this year!

Source: Playstation Youtube