Did you know that STEINS;GATE is 10 years old this year? In case you forgot, this new website will remind you again! To celebrate STEINS;GATE’s 10th anniversary they have opened a new anniversary website.

For those of you who may have heard of what STEINS;GATE is but have absolutely no idea, fret not. STEINS;GATE, the game, was released on 15th October 2009. It was followed shortly after with an animated version in 2011, and in 2013 it had a theatrical animation as well. Just last year from April to September the sequel, Steins Gate Zero was aired on TVs across Japan and Asia too.

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary, they will be revealing 10 new projects on the website in the coming days. What can we expect? I honestly have no idea but let’s just wait and see shall we?

Source: Steins Gate 10th Anniversary Website