Because why not right? In another series of weird and quirky, totally Japanese ideas, here’s another one. We’re just under a week before Japan hails in the new Reiwa era on May 1st. One company in Japan decides to go all in on a totally brilliant idea. If Heisei is ending, why not celebrate the Heisei era with Heisei….air?

This can titled Heisei Air talks about the reign of the current Emperor Akihito and tells everyone to celebrate the welcoming of a new era as well. It also includes a 5 yen coin, often known as a lucky symbol.

According to an interview with AFP, the president of the company making this air, Minoru Inamoto, says that “Air is free of charge but we hope people wll enjoy breathing the fresh air of Heisei after the new era comes, or just keep it as a memento”.

These cans are produced in Henari of Gifu Prefecture. The characters of the village is actually the same used in the word Heisei so they decided to use it a way to help promote the village.

Everyone around Japan are scrambling to made memorabilia to celebrate the outgoing era and to welcome the upcoming Reiwa era on May 1st. Perhaps we too should prepare our Reiwa era memorabilia as well!

Source: Asahi News