It was announced last Friday that seiyuu unit Earphones will be releasing a new single titled Churata Churaha on 3rd July.

The song is the theme song for the anime Fight! Space Attendant Aoi, which feature all 3 members of Earphones as cast members. The song is a pop song with a swingy feel to it. The lyrics, composition and arrange will all be done by label mate Gesshoku Kaigi. The b-side for this single will the song released last December signifying their tie-up with Sanrio Puroland, Wagamama na Allegory. The other tracks will be specials from their regular radio show, Earphones’ Pythagorean Theorem.

Two versions of the CD will be released. As mentioned earlier the regular one will be titled Radio version, and there will also be a limited LIVE version which will include the Tokyo leg of Earphones’ 3rd anniversary tour. This version is only available for purchase at the KING e-SHOP.

Last but not least, Earphones will be doing a 4th Anniversary live on 12th October at the Stellar Bowl in Tokyo. The first print versions of the Singles will contain a code for application.

Earphones Churata Churaha Radio Version

01. Churata Churaha
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Gesshoku Kaigi
02. Wagamama na Allegory
Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Gesshoku Kaigi
Radio Earphones’ Pythagorean Theorem Series
03. Ikken Rakuchaku Consultation 1
04. Earphones and Chocolate 1
05. Pythagoras Theory 1
06. Ikken Rakuchaku Consultation 2
07. Earphones and Chocolate 2
08. Pythagoras Theory 2

Blu-ray LIVE Shin Jigen no Mirai Dorobo Version

Earphones 3rd Anniversary LIVE Some Dreams Tour 2018 Shin Jigen on Mirai Dorobo domo at Toyosu Pit.

Earphone 4th Anniversary LIVE Culture Club

Tokyo Stellar Bowl – 12th October 2019

Source: Natalie