GRANRODEO fans, it looks like it’s time to start following the comedy anime, Kami Usagi Rope. This is because the Japanese rockers will be making a cameo with lines for the anime’s next episode, titled “Keiji Drama”.

Vocalist KISHOW (Kishô Taniyama) guitarist e-ZUKA (Masaaki Iizuka) are voicing animal rockers in the episode, which will air on 15th May. They also previously appeared in the anime back in 2017 in an episode titled “Audition”.

Kami Usagi Rope follows a rabbit named rope and his always-angry squirrel friend, Akira. The episode which GRANRODEO will be appearing in will be in the same date as the release of the band’s ighth album FAB LOVE. The album also contains the song “Setsuna no Ai,” which serves as the OP song for the latest Bungo Stray Dogs TV anime.