Paramount Pictures has now released the first trailer for the hybrid live-action/3D adaptation of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. However, fans aren’t impressed.

Yeah, people online are either cringing or laughing out loud on this one. Never mind about how a furry Sonic is unrealistic (hedgehogs have quills and don’t have fur), people are mostly distracted by his teeth!

Many commented on how creepy Sonic looked with HUMAN TEETH. Many were also unimpressed at how Jim Carey looked as Dr, Robotnik/Eggman in the trailer. However, while many said they disliked how he looked, they still have hopes for his portrayal of the classic video game antagonist. Many even said that him being in the movie was the only good thing shown in the trailer. Well, at least you know some weird furry out there actually enjoyed it… I think.

But while people are divided over Carey as the main villain, fans overwhelmingly didn’t like the trailer, eviscerating it in the comment section. As of writing, the trailer has 192,000 dislikes on YouTube, compared to its 130,000 likes. It would seem that Paramount does not know de wei.

Yeah, if it won’t have Ugandan Knuckles in it, it would really suck. And fans actually want that memetic version of Knuckles in the movie too!

The movie will premiere sometime in November for the United States and Australia. It will also hit Japan, though its release date there isn’t clear yet.