Carole and Tuesday has been a huge celebration of music so far. The anime is a collaboration for Studio BONES’ 20th anniversary, as well as Flying Dog’s 10th anniversary, and it has one killer soundtrack. Now, the staff are revealing that more acclaimed composers are joining the series, and it includes some pretty big names.

Steve Aoki, MOGUAI, Andy Platts, and Cornelius are all joining this new musical anime as composers. Of course, one of the most recognisable names include world-renowned DJ, Steve Aoki. Two-time Grammy-nominated producer/DJ Steve Aoki today stands as one of the most successful American cross-genre artists, solidified via his numerous releases, multiple awards, billions of music and video streams and innovative cross-platform projects. He is recognised by FORBES magazine as one of the most highest-paid DJ’s in the industry as well.

Meanwhile, MOGUAI is one of the internationally most renowned German DJs and producers in the world. He is a true pioneer in the field of electronic music, always incorporating multiple styles in his work, yet keeping the complex simple and danceable.

Meanwhile, Andy Platts is a British songwriter and vocalist known primarily through his work with the band Mamas Gun and latterly as part of the duo Young Gun Silver Fox. After having signed his first publishing deal and soaking up experience from writing with legends such as Rod Temperton and Jon Oates, Platts set about forming the band Mamas Gun. Mamas Guns’ debut album Routes to Riches, almost exclusively written by Platts and spearheaded by Platts’ own song ‘House on a Hill’, gave the band a great start with a no. 3 sales chart hit in Japan with the album yielding airplay no.1’s in Japan, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Finally, Cornelius is Keigo Oyamada’s name as a solo artist. Following the dissolution of his former band in 1993, he began performing under the name. He has released six original albums to date. In addition to his own music, he has also done remixes and collaborations with numerous artists both at home and abroad. He is also involved in production and a range of other activities.


And not only that, but the anime’s 7th episode will also introduce us to Pyotr, a social media celebrity voiced by none other than Shouta Aoi.