The end of the Heisei era also marked the end of an era for the Kamen Rider franchise. And now, it seems that Toei is already planning the first Kamen Rider series for the new Reiwa era! This is because Toei has filed a trademark for Kamen Rider Zero-One back in 19th April. That trademark has now gone public since 14th May.

The Kamen Rider eras go with Japan’s current era. The Showa Kamen Rider series aired under the Showa era, and the Heisei series came under the Heisei era. Now that Naruhito is the country’s new emperor and ZERO-ONE is the first title Toei has filed under this new era, it’s highly likely that this is the first Kamen Rider to kick off Reiwa.

So, what do you guys think this new Kamen Rider series will be about? Who do you think will star in it? Looks like we will be finding out soon enough…

Source: Japan Trademark Bot