Uniqlo has just announced that from May 27th onwards, they will be releasing their new UT line titled: MANGA UT. It will be available in physical stores and online as well.

MANGA UT will feature some of Japanese pop culture’s famous manga and anime series. It is loved all over the world, regadless of age or gender. This time women’s clothes will be released as well, adding more variety to this series.

Popular hit manga series such as Gintama, My Hero Academia, Yu Yu Hakusho, HUNTERxHUNTER, NARUTO, BLEACH, The Basketball which Kuroko no Basket, Haikyuu!! and New Prince of Tennis will be featured in this series.

For the women’s clothing, there will be Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha and Detective Conan while for the kids collection, there will be Detective Conan, My Hero Academia and BORUTO -NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS. This will be the first time there will be Conan clothes and also for BORUTO as well.

As per the norm, men’s and ladies’ items will go on sale from 999 yen and kids will from 790 yen. This will probably be released around the world as well, so check your local stores or their online pages for pricing in your area.

I don’t wear Uniqlo that often but the collaboration clothes always gets me. I really want to get that Gintama one though!

Source: Animeanime