Mangakas who highly respect Osamu Tezuka worked together on a tribute book based on his many hit manga series titled Tezucomi. This magazine was released on 15th May 2019. Akihisa Tokimaru began a new serialisation titled Isekai Black Jack. Just like the name, it’s an Isekai series with Black Jack as the protagonist.

Examples of popular manga collaborations are “Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha”, “From now on, City Hunter” and “The head Knight: Shima Kosaku” which have gained popularity in recent times. You might think; how would Isekai Black Jack play out?

In this interview translation from Natalie, they interviewed the voice actress of Re:Zero Starting Live from Another World’s Emilia and KonoSuba’s Megumi, who has worked on many Isekai anime, Rie Takahashi. They’ve asked her to read the first issue of Isekai Black Jack and wrote down her opinions in this interview. They’ve asked her to tell us the appeal of Tezucomi from the standpoint of someone who hasn’t read that many Tezuka manga.

This is part 2 of 4 in this series of interviews translated from Natalie.

It’s the mold breaker of Isekai.

Was was your favorite panel?

When he introduced himself, someone retorted that “You’re Japanese but your name is Black Jack.” (laughs) No one in the original would say something like that, would they?

They surely wouldn’t. (laughs) It’s very meta and fitting for a tribute series where you can have fun.

I also really liked the scene when they cut the giant peach and said “this is…a seed?!” The art is nice so it gives you an illusion of reading what doctors would say but reading it calmly you’d think “it’s just a peach!!”

The heroine of Isekai Black Jack has yet to appear, but if you were to voice the heroine, what would this character’s role be?

Hmm…What would you think if there’s another character that was brought over? Why did Black Jack got brought to this world? Perhaps a key character who knows the secrets of this world? Perhaps even the person who brought Black Jack over to this world?

If that’s the case, unlike a partner who is travelling along, she’d be the perpetrator?

Ah, an antagonist would be great too. She would be able to control him as she likes! Perhaps even seeing the situation from nearby and thinking “I’d have guessed you’d do it that way.” (laughs)

 (laughs) If it’s a heroine for Black Jack, people would automatically assume Pinoko but she has already indirectly appeared in the first chapter.

Conversely, I think it’s better that way. To immediately think of a certain character like that shows how important they are so even a person like myself would think the same.

Even though you couldn’t read the entirety of it, what do you think we can expect from the story?

I hope he visits all sorts of fairy tale worlds. I personally enjoy Town Musicians of Bremen so I’d be glad if it appears. After that, as a girl I really love story of princesses so having a girl in trouble like Sleeping Beauty is great. Black Jack could come in and save her too. And she could fall in love and it becomes a Harem. (laughs) Ah, but that would change the original story so…something has to come and be an obstacle. Would it change the past or would it be an unwritten rule? I want to see that conflict.

But from chapter 1 Black Jack already predicted: “that kid will eventually bring along three animals and stop Onigashima.”

That’s right. It feels like the mold breaker of the Isekai genre.

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Source: Natalie