Mangakas who highly respect Osamu Tezuka worked together on a tribute book based on his many hit manga series titled Tezucomi. This magazine was released on 15th May 2019. Akihisa Tokimaru began a new serialisation titled Isekai Black Jack. Just like the name, it’s an Isekai series with Black Jack as the protagonist.

Examples of popular manga collaborations are “Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha”, “From now on, City Hunter” and “The head Knight: Shima Kosaku” which have gained popularity in recent times. You might think; how would Isekai Black Jack play out?

In this interview translation from Natalie, they interviewed the voice actress of Re:Zero Starting Live from Another World’s Emilia and KonoSuba’s Megumi, who has worked on many Isekai anime, Rie Takahashi. They’ve asked her to read the first issue of Isekai Black Jack and wrote down her opinions in this interview. They’ve asked her to tell us the appeal of Tezucomi from the standpoint of someone who hasn’t read that many Tezuka manga.

This is part 3 of 4 in this series of interviews translated from Natalie.

A song with the image of Phoenix

Other than Black Jack, have you read any other Tezuka manga?

They feel like a familiar existence but I’ve not really read that many. It feels more male focused? To me. Also, there’s a lot of series so I honestly don’t know where to start or if it’ll fit into my tastes.

You have interest but it feels like there’s a hurdle to cross over?

That’s true. Actually, I am part of a unit called Earphones and we did the recording for a song called Mirai Dorobou. During recording, we were told to sing it with the image of Phoenix in mind. We were told to imagine going on a grand space trip. And the producer told us that Phoenix was really interesting to use as an idea, so I went to the bookstore to look. However, there were so many parts I didn’t know where to start…(laughs)

I see. (laughs) Tezucomi was made with newcomers to the world of Tezuka in mind. That’s especially so for the first issue with the “Your first Tezuka Osamu” feature. It’s based on a questionnaire “The best 3 Osamu Tezuka you should read first.” You could even read the first part of Phoenix in that issue as well!

Ah, Tezuka sensei’s manga is included! They’ve sent me the first issue but I haven’t had the time to read it yet. I really liked the atmosphere of Princess Knight.

Blade’s New Contract: Princess Knight correct? That’s the story of Sapphire, a girl whom, due to circumstances, hid her gender and masqueraded as a Prince. In New Contract, they emulated the settings of the original while adding influences of Yuri manga with the mystery word “another Princess Knight” appearing. They even re-arranged it with modern day influences.

The art is cute, and I believe many people will enjoy this. Having a setting such as a girl masquerading as a prince is very modern. Hearing that such a character was drawn many years back shows how forward-thinking Tezuka sensei was.

Actually, the original Princess Knight was serialised into a Shojo Manga magazine so, in a way, it’ll be easier for you to get into this series.

Also through Blade sensei’s art style, the protagonist looks like a girl and a boy with hints of cuteness and coolness layered on them. Even for someone who hasn’t read the original, I’m excited to see what’s next. If it gets animated, please let me voice her. (laughs)

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Source: Natalie