Netflix, Junpei Mizusaki, and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson are teaming up to adapt Simpson‘s forthcoming Sound & Fury album into an anime film. And now, the anime film’s official Twitter page has released a brand new trailer:

The film itself will debut on Netflix this autumn, and it will be a global release. It will basically be adapting Simpson’s Sound & Fury Album, with each song getting a segment, and each segment getting a different director.

Simpson himself wrote the story which inspired the anime, with Batman Ninja’s Junpei Mizusaki acting as main writer and director. The directors for each segment will include Takanobu Mizuno, Elsa Nakamichi, Hajime Sasaki, and Shinji Takagi. Meanwhile, guest directors include Masaru Matsumoto, Michael Arias, Henry Thurlow and Arthell Isom, as well as Koji Morimoto. Stu Inc. will be animating the project while Afro Samurai’s Takashi Okazaki is doing the character designs.