Haikyuu!! recently the “Haikyu!! no Hi Zenjitsu-Sai” event in Tokyo. And there, they revealed that as the series is getting a Season 4, a new OVA will also be released. This new anime will have two episodes, and it will be following the Tokyo Qualifiers.

This new OVA will come with two episodes, and it will be on DVD and Blu-ray disc formats. The first episode is titled “Riku VS Kuu“, and the second one is titled “Ball no Michi“. Its story will center on Nekoma High School, Fukuroudani Academy, Nohebi Academy, and Itachiyama Academy all vying for the Tokyo spots in the nationals.

The Tokyo Qualifiers OVA will be released on 22nd January. This will also be around the same time when the TV anime will air its fourth season. As expected, the OVA will connect the events of the third and fourth seasons as well.

source: Haikyuu official Twitter page