The Pokemon Company recently held the Pokemon World Championships in Washington D.C. this year. There were lots of competitive play, but the audience, as well as the rest of the PokeWorld made a collective gasp when the Pokemon Company’s CEO, Tsunekazu Ishihara, handed a trophy to eventual Pokemon TCG Junior Division runner-up, Isaac Terceira. You see, Isaac’s trophy fell apart as soon as Ishihara gave it to him.

The silver cup which Pikachu held went tumbling down from Isaac’s trophy. Luckily, the Pokemon trainer was quite calm when this happened, so it was all good. However, it seems that the incident sent Ishihara into a bit of a panic as he immediately tried to help repair it.

Japan’s Haruki Miyamoto won the Junior Division for the TCG tournament, while the American Terceira won the runner-up spot.

And speaking of Pokemon, we get more news on Sword and Shield! The games’ video game director, Shigeru Ohmori,appeared in a new video for an address during the German video game event, Gamescon. There, he introduced a brand new town that’s still yet-to-be-named.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released for the Nintendo Switch worldwide on 15 November 2019.

Source: Twitch