J-Rocker and THE ALFEE frontman Toshihiko Takamizawa has a very unique guitar. Why?

Well, it’s modelled after Shin Godzilla and he has been bringing it around. He even plays it live whenever the band has concerts, showing it off at various events.

And in celebration of this, the Godzilla Store Tokyo in Shinjuku has decided to release replicas of that monstrous guitar! Named the “Godzilla Guitar Awakening Version”, these musical instruments can actually be played, and are only made to order.

They ain’t exactly cheap either, costing a cool 5.55 million Japanese Yen!

And much like Takamizawa’s own guitar, this one is also custom made by ESP. Like Shin Godzilla, it lights up purple and won’t spew the Atomic breath when it does… nor will it leak radiation which can kill you slowly.

The guitars are now available for pre-order till 30 September 2019.

source: Music Natalie