Mangaka Paru Itagaki has been winning a ton of awards with her manga, BEASTARS, which is also getting a TV anime next season. But did you know that manga making is actually in her DNA? This is because the 42nd issue of Weekly Shonen Champion is revealing that her dad is none other than the legendary Keisuke Itagaki, the mangaka behind Baki the Grappler!

Father and Daughter are facing off in the magazine’s 42nd issue of the year. Shonen Champion actually serialises both works, though many within the industry don’t even know the connection with the two. This means that Paru Itagaki won all those manga awards without a lot of people knowing that her father is a big name in the industry. In other words, she did a lot of things on her own, and daddy is proud!

In the issue, the two sat down for an interview together as both father and daughter, as well as fellow mangaka. They talked about how they kept their relationship a secret, as well as how the elder Itagaki was giving advice to his daughter. With manga making in her genes, and a legendary mangaka giving her advice, it’s no wonder she won all those awards. And because they kept it a secret, we now know that she really won them all on her own. Though both mangaka having the same editor, Takashi Sawa, might have been a giveaway…

As for Paru herself, even with the photo shoot with her dad, she still refuses to show her face. Sure, she does appearances every now and then, but she still wears the same chicken mask all the time. The anime adaptation of her BEASTARS manga will premiere in October via Fuji TV, and exclusively worldwide via Netflix.

source: Comic Natalie