We now have news about the new Date A Live anime project, and as it turns out, it will be about Kurumi! This new anime project will be adapting the Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet spinoff novels by Yuichirou Higashide. It focuses mainly on the time-travelling spirit, Kurumi Tokisaki. They even revealed a new teaser visual:

The visual also announces that Asami Sanada is reprising her role as Kurumi in the new anime. She’ll be appearing at the Date A Live stage presentation during the “Fantasia Bunko Daikansha-sai 2019” event on 20th October to reveal more details on the new project.

Unfortunately, the announcement really didn’t reveal much, not even this new anime’s format. As of writing, it is still unknown whether this new project will be a TV anime, film, OVA, or in another animation format. Looks like we’ll be finding out more soon enough…

Source: Date A Live francise’s Twitter account