Previously, we reported that the Pokemon franchise will be having a new anime titled “Pocket Monster”. And now, the staff made good on their promise, as they revealed new details about this new anime.

The latest episode of Pokemon Sun & Moon aired the announcement video above. It reveals that Ash/Satoshi is returning for yet another run. However, there will not just be one protagonist, but two! The other protagonist is Gou, and his Pokemon is Scorbunny.

Here is the anime’s new visual featuring the two main characters:

Daiki Tomiyasu will be acting as chief director for the anime over at OLM, while Maki odaira will move from being an episode director to being the director. And yes, there are new character designs as well, with Shuuhei Yasuda as character designer. And as previously promised, the new series will be covering every single region, from Kanto to Galar.

source: Comic Natalie