Before Shokugeki no Soma, there was Cooking Master Boy. Now, the two food battle anime are gonna meet for the first time, and it’s for some real-world food!

The Cookpad Studio in Osaka will be collaborating with both anime for a special menu which they will release from 7th-31st October 2019.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma’s official culinary supervisor, Chef Yuki Morisaki, is supervising the Shokugeki no Soma dishes for the menu. The dishes include Soma’s roast pork and menchi-katsu and Megumi’s dorayaki with apple white bean paste, as well as Mao’s pepper steak and golden fried rice, as well as his Annin tofu and strawberry mooncake.

Those who purchase the limited-time menu items will be getting a special collaboration coaster, or if they so choose, a clear file. They also promised to sell some original goods in the restaurant as well.

And from what it seems, the two anime will be airing on the same season! And not only that, both anime will be airing their first episodes ON THE SAME DAY AS WELL!

Both Cooking Master Boy and Shokugeki no Soma will air their premiere episodes on 11th October. Just be sure you guys have something to eat on that day!

SourceComic Natalie