Kono Sekai no (Sarani Ikutsumono) Katasumi ni / In This Corner (and Other Corners) of the World is the extended version of the award-winning and critically acclaimed film, In This Corner of the world. It will boast new previously-unseen scenes from the film which were cut from the original release. And now, a new trailer shows off those very scenes.

The new scenes feature a brand new character who isn’t featured in the original release, Teru. She is one of the courtesans at Futabakan.

In his original plans, director Sunao Katabuchi planned to make In This Corner of the World run for 150 minutes, instead of the original’s 129-minute. Unfortunately, budget constraints forced him to shorten his vision.

Since the film received much critical, and more importantly, financial success, they received the green light for the originally-planned 150-minute version to be released. It premieres in Japan on 20 December 2019.