Mangaka Yusuke Murata may be known for Eye Shield 21 and One Punch Man, but he’s also an official marvel artist. He is mainly working on Spider-Man titles, and he’s back doing the wall crawler once again! And with the Japan-exclusive release of Spider-Man: Far from Home, he’s doing a brand new artwork:

This new piece of art depicts Spidey’s final battle with Mysterio on top of London’s famous Tower Bridge. It will be appearing inside the Japan-exclusive home video release, which will also include an interview with the Eye Shield 21 creator.

Other goodies which will come with the set will be inside a box that looks like Peter’s suitcase. These goodies include three discs, the bonus booklet with the Murata interview, and also a passport memo pad. Oh, and the artwork as well!

The set will come in both Blu-ray and DVD format, and will have a 4th December release.

Source: Comic Natalie