The Gundam franchise is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. And because of this, several publications are doing extensive articles on the franchise. One of them is Weekly Young Jump magazine, which is publishing a special feature on its 51st issue.

In that feature, several of the magazine’s most notable mangaka are drawing their own Gundams. This includes Kingdom’s Yasuhisa Hara, who drew the Gundam in the image above.

Other mangaka who released their own Gundam artworks include Kenichi Tachibana (Terra Formars), and Forbidden Shibukawa (Snack Basue). And not only that, but Bandai Spirits is making special GunPla out of their designs. Hara’s Gundam will have its own plastic model called “Kingdom Gundam YJ Tokusei Model Ver.”, and it’s gonna be “just for this special issue”.

As for Tachibana’s Gundam, it’s called the “Terra Formars U-NASA Tokuchuu Hyakushiki”. He says in the magazine that he drew inspiration from the various monsters from his manga.

The 51st issue also included an interview with Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino as well.

Source: Weekly Young Jump #51