While there is already a life-size Unicorn Gundam in Odaiba, there’s another life-size replica of a gigantic Japanese icon rising soon in Japan. That icon is the one and only King of Monsters himself, Godzilla! It will be rising at the Nijigen no Mori theme park in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture. They’re describing it as the “World’s First Life-Size Godzilla”.

They are officially naming the attraction as “Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji – National Awaji-Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster -“. It would feature the Shin Godzilla version of the Kong of Monsters, though it will only feature parts of its upper body.

Park visitors will become members of the National Awaji-Island Institute of Godzilla Disaster if ever they stop by the attraction. This includes going inside Godzilla himself, as well as participating in various activities. They revealed the attraction in a presentation held by Hiroshige Sadamatu (Nijigen no Mori President) and Keiji Ohta (Toho’s CGO – Chief Godzilla Officer) on last 31st October.

Here are some concept artworks of the upcoming attraction, as well as some model images:

Nijigen no Mori (two-dimensional forest) is a theme park which dedicates itself to Japanese pop culture. This doesn’t just include anime, manga, and video games, but also tokusatsu and live-action films and TV shows. You can find it in Awaji Island, the biggest island in the Seto Inland Sea. Other attractions include Naruto, Crayon Shin-chan, and Osamu Tezuka’s Phoenix.

source: Nijigen no Mori official website