Ever been a healer in a party and everyone looks down on you? Ever had a demanding party member who ALWAYS requested you to heal him/her even though you’re clearly preoccupied? Well, what if that healer has had enough? That is the premise of Rui Tsukiyo’s revenge fantasy manga titled Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. And now, Kadokawa has announced that it is getting a TV anime!

Kadokawa has now opened an official website for the series, revealing that its English title is Redo of Healer. Takuya Asaoka is directing the anime, with TNK producing the animation. Junji Goto is serving as character designer.

The anime will follow Keyar, who has been bullied by fellow adventurers who look down on healers because they “cannot fight on their own”. However, Keyar learns the ultimate healing magic and goes back in time. Specifically, he goes back four years to redo all the bad things that happened to him.

Source: MoCa News