Back in the 1970’s, Toei got the license for Marvel’s Spider-Man and ran away with it, creating a version of the Wall Crawler that’s unique to say the least. And after appearing in the Spider-Verse comics, Japan’s Tokusatsu Spider-Man will now be appearing in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2! And yes, co-producer Phil Lord confirmed it himself.

Tokusatsu Spidey has been a trailblazer for Japan’s Tokusatsu industry. This is because this is the first hero show to introduce a giant robot! Yes folks, all those mecha that we see in the Super Sentai shows owe their origins to Supaidaman! That Robot is Leopardon, and it also appeared with Tokusatsu Spidey in the Spider-Verse comics. It also briefly made an appearance in the first Into the Spider-verse film as one of Miles Morales’s doodles.

Lord didn’t state how big his role will be for the film, but fans now know he’s coming! And yes, better be sure that Leopardon will be appearing in the movie as well. Coz as many of us know by now, it ain’t Tokusatsu Spidey without the freakin’ giant robot!

Source: @milesmora1es